Mock Test

Duration 2 hrs – Before you start kindly read the instructions carefully !

  1. Attempt all questions. 50 questions within 2 hrs
  2. Each Single choice Question carries 1 point.
  3. Each True False  question carries 4 point
  4. There are no negative marking on wrong answer.
  5. 30 Single Choice Question: 1 out of 4 / 5 options is correct.
  6. 20 True & False Questions: qualify All the 4 statement as true or false, you will find “_” (dash) after each statement fill it with F or T (small & caps both accepted).
  7. Once a question is answered it will be marked green on top number.
  8. If you wish to keep a question for review later , please click on the question number and the same will be marked in yellow
  9. All questions not answered will be marked white in the top
  10. Please note you need to press “FINISH EXAM” button in the end to complete the exam or else no score can be shared.
  11. Do not close the screen else you must start the exam from the beginning
  12. Do not refresh your page intentionally otherwise your progress will be lost.
  13. You have to complete the exam within the provided time frame otherwise the progress will be lost.
  14. You can get a re-rexam upon a valid reason (ie; system crash, power cutoffs, internet disconnections / disruption etc)